Well, if you arrived at this article, it means your the wall and the bedroom furniture stuffs in your bedroom are really sucks!

However, not only you who feel it. Me too! that’s why right now i’m gonna share and give you some tips that you can use to make your wall and your bedroom furniture stuffs in your bedroom looks more gorgeous.

1. Change or add with the new wallpaper

That’s sounds basic. But it’s very important. If you have the wallpaper in your bedroom since you’re 10 years old, maybe it’s time for you to change it. Of course it still have a lot of things to do, but changing the wallpaper could make your bedroom looks appealing. For yourself and for your friends who always play with you in your bedroom.
Iif you don’t have much time to renew the wallpaper, there are so many things you can do with your wall. Let’s go to the number 2!

2. Adding some pictures or photos

When you decide to adding some pictures or photos, make sure you didn’t over do it. You know, putting so many pictures or photos (especially the one that had the black and white or sephia effects) will make your bedroom looks like a museum even though your bedroom only provide with some simple bedroom furniture stuffs.

Keep it simple by putting 3 - 5 pictures in different side of your wall.

3. Adding the type of the bedroom furniture stuff such as a wall shelf.
This bedroom furniture could be another option that you can put in your bedroom to decorate your wall. And once again, don’t over do it and make your bedroom looks like a library. Hey, but transform your bedroom into a library and put many kinds of the bedroom furniture stuffs in it is a good options… aghhh, forget it and get into the next step.

4. Put some accessories to your bedroom furniture stuffs and to your bedroom wall
Make your wall’s bedroom and your bedroom furniture stuffs more radiant by adding accessories on them. These accessories could be ranging from the entertainment devices such as tv, telephone, radio or the other stuffs.  It’s also could be a glassware or metalware that you put on the wall to make it more unique. Whatever image that bump in your head about this accessories for your bedroom furniture stuffs or for your wall could make your bedroom looks beautiful.

Last, but not least…

5. Adding some posters or painting

You could add some more painting in your bedroom if you like or you can paint your bedroom furniture stuffs so that they’ll look more beautiful. It doesn’t have to be the monalisa painting, but it could be the painting that you make by yourself, which likely will challenge the painter from all over the world to help you to rip it out.

Well then, those are 5 ideas of wall decorating you can try so you could get appealing effect for your wall and your bedroom furniture stuffs and make sure you could pick any ideas if you want.