Are you sure your bedroom furniture stuffs are comfortable enough?

Some people may say yes, and the others will say no.

Do you know that we usually put anything of bedroom furniture stuffs that we could in our bedroom? We don’t care about what bedroom furniture stuffs we want to put in it. We’re just lay our hand to the most cute, cool, and beautiful things of bedroom furniture stuffs we could get and dump it in our bedroom.

As the results, our bedroom will exactly looks like a warehouse, even worst.

So what we can do to transform our ‘warehouse’ into a comfortable bedroom? What bedroom furniture stuffs that we should put in there? Well, your questions will be answered real soon because this article will reveal 6 things of bedroom furniture stuffs that you MUST put in your bedroom.

1. Bed
No doubt. This is a most vital bedroom furniture stuff you must have in your bedroom. Choose the right bed for yourself could help you to sleep well and prevent you from a backache.

If you’re a type of person who likes a huge space of bed because you’re always playing wrestling while you’re sleep, consider to buy a king size bed. If the king size is too expensive or it’s a little bit too large for your bedroom, there’s always a queen size.

2. Closet
This is obviously an important bedroom furniture stuff you must have. You can’t put all of your clothes in a bucket after you wash it or just leave it on the floor. You need an appropriate place to put all of your clothes, especially if you’re a fashion maniac.

Having a closet would keep your clothes clean and easy to grab while you need it.

3. Table
Actually, there are many types of that kind of bedroom furniture stuff. What you need is a table for you to put all of your cosmetics. Whether it’s a powder, lipsticks, parfumes, and other things. This bedroom furniture stuff will keep you organized. Oh, and don’t forget to add a mirror for it.

Another type of table that you want to put in your bedroom is a table that you want to use for work. It’s a common thing for some people to finished their job at home. By put the type of bedroom furniture stuff such as your working table in your bedroom, you’ll keep your work in one space and never have to worried if you missed anything.

4. Rug
If you desperately need a comfortable place to rest (especially in your bedroom), you can’t missed this.

Can you imagine while you’re spend 12 hours working in your office, feeling tired and exhausted, you step into your bedroom. First thing that you realized is a soft and smooth rug rubbing your tired feet and make you relax? Mmm… yeah, it’s a must!

5. Dressing Space and Mirror
Bedroom without a dressing space? Man, it’s a disaster! How you will mix and match your clothes if you don’t have one? Dressing space shouldn’t be as big as your living room. Actually, it’s a lot smaller. Do you know how to create a small one?

Simply put a big size mirror where you can see all of your body without miss anything behind the door and voila! You just created a new dressing space.

6. Trash Bin
Don’t let your bedroom turning into a garbage mountain. Put a small trash bin in your bedroom to gather all trash that you may produce while you’re in your bedroom. If you’re a writer (especially the one who likes to write on a paper), you will need this. Everytime.

Those are 5 must have bedroom furniture stuffs that you should put in your bedroom in order to maintain the comfortable side of your bedroom and keep your bedroom furniture stuffs in a good arrangement.

After you put all of these bedroom furniture stuffs in your bedroom, don’t forget to keep it clean by broomed the floor and removed the trash everyday. It won’t take you 5 hours to clean all of these bedroom furniture stuffs (except you live in a palace and your bedroom is as big as a golf court), you could finish these in 5 - 10 minutes.