Do you have a small bedroom and wants to make it bigger?

¬†Well, actually… you’re not the only person who have those problems. There are a lot more person who’s likely would sacrifice anything in order to make their bedroom much bigger including not to put some bedroom furniture stuffs that important for them.

Why you ask? Simply, because they don’t like a small bedroom and they want to maximize the looks of their bedroom so when anyone come and see their bedroom, they’ll see a clean and big bedroom.

If you want to make your bedroom much bigger, there are several techniques you can use. In these article, you’ll find out five different techniques that you can use to make your bedroom looks bigger. Let’s get started.

1. Bright color - paint your bedroom wall with it
This is maybe the very basic technique in creating a bigger looks for your bedroom. Many interior designers will suggest you to replace your dark blue wall paint with the white or brighter blue. It’s because if you apply a darker color, you’ll make your bedroom smaller.

2. Having one a fold down bed.
You know what? Fold down bed just like you see on tv or in your friends house could help you to make your bedroom looks bigger. Why? It’s because you don’t have a bed in your bedroom!

What?! Ok, i’ll explain it clearly. When you want to sleep, you’ll use your fold down bed. But if you don’t, you could fold up and you have extra space where you can use as a running space if you want.

3. Wall shelf - get the big of that kind bedroom furniture stuff
Wall shelf is the type of bedroom furniture stuff that have the functionality that similar to the library. You should get that type of that bedroom furniture stuff for yourself if you really want to make your bedroom looks bigger.

This wall shelf (especially the big one), you can store anything in it! You don’t have to put another bedroom furniture stuffs such as tables if you have this one, because it will keep all of your stuffs in one place and make your bedroom more organized. Consider to have this bedroom furniture stuff will give you so much benefits too.

4. Replace your bedroom furniture stuffs with the small one

Do you realize that the bedroom furniture you put inside your bedroom is too large or taking so many space in your bedroom and make your bedroom smaller? If yes, you should consider to replace the big one with the smaller bedroom furniture stuffs.

Get the bedroom furniture stuffs with the same functionality, but don’t waste many space in your bedroom.

5. Horizontal wall paper - get it!
Horizontal wallpaper is the other way you can use to make your bedroom much bigger. Don’t ask why, just apply it and see the result!

Ok, that’s it!

Those 5 techniques is an instant techniques you could apply right away. Don’t forget to send me your bedroom furniture stuff (especially the big one) if you don’t need it! I’ll take it with the bottom of my heart :)