Do you have a small space bedroom and wants to maximize every inch of it by put some bedroom furniture stuffs in it?

Having a small space bedroom is an unavoidable things. Especially if you live in a small apartment where your bedroom iS your living room plus your kitchen. There are many ways you can do to maximize your space functionality and make it looks bigger by choosing the right bedroom furniture.

In this article you will find 5 powerful tips that you can use to save more space in your bedroom so you could add some more stuffs, whether it’s accessories to add the beauty of your bedroom furniture stuffs or other bedroom furniture stuffs without make your bedroom looks chocks.

1. Get a large mirror
If you don’t have enough space to put a small mirrors in many place in your bedroom, consider to get a big one. When i say big, it should be as big as possible until you can look into your own figure in it without missed anything.

Place this mirror in front of your drawer’s door if you want to save more space in your wall, or simply put it behind your bedroom’s door.

Put a large mirror in a right angle will helps your bedroom to looks bigger.

2. Get a wall shelf
If you don’t have enough space in your bedroom to put all bedroom furniture stuffs in it, you can replace it with putting a huge wall shelf next to your bed. This huge wall shelf will be the place where you gonna put your books collection, your accessories, your shoes, even your cosmetics.

The benefits of this type of bedroom furniture stuff is you could personalized it as you want and there’s no limitations about what things that you can put in there as long as there’re still enough space in it.

3. Get a storage under your bed
You can find a lot of bed where there are storages under it. It could consist of several drawers where you can put anything in it.

This will become handy for you, because you can put all of your clothes in that type of bedroom furniture. If you’re already put your clothes in it, you don’t need any closet. And it means, you already save more space.

4. Get a sliding door
It’s important if you really want to get more free space. Sliding door will be useful since you don’t have to worried whether your door will smash your other bedroom furniture stuffs while you open it or not.

5. Clean your bedroom and your bedroom furniture stuffs. Everyday.
Well, nothing more worst than a bedroom and the bedroom furniture stuffs that looks like a trashes. Clean your bedroom and your bedroom funrniture stuffs everyday will make it looks nice and of course, save more space. If you didn’t clean those stuffs everyday, you can see that all garbage will transform into a garbage mountain and eat all of free space that you created before.

There will be a lot more tips that you can find to save more space in your bedroom. Don’t forget, a good arrangement of your bedroom furniture stuffs will also give a high impact in space saving. Not only that, choosing a brighter wallpaper or paint that match with your bedroom furniture stuffs, will make your bedroom looks bigger and easier to add more bedroom furniture stuffs without making it looks messy.